Bleeding Moons interactive adventure novel

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It's impossible to introduce the 177 characters featured in this adventure, but here are some of the main ones that you'll meet:


"A noble's education really cannot prepare him for the struggles of the real world..."

One of the sons of the Count of Valmain, Ian is the protagonist of Bleeding Moons. With war at the gates of his county, his life will change. Will he be able to recover his innocence, or will he be submerged in violence? It's up to you to decide his actions and his words.

Riviera, more commonly called River

"I love you... Become again the Ian that I once knew. The one who loved life so much..."

A baker in Valmain, River is Ian's childhood love, and his haven. What role will she play in Ian's fate? Will she grant him redemption, or will he bring about her ruin?


"Don't be so tense, Ian. Enjoy your life! You might die tomorrow, you know."

A mercenary of the Black Foxes, she's an accomplished spy and assassin. She is the one who will train Ian in his new job. Will Luna open her heart to Ian, or will she transform him into a cold-blooded killer?


"You once said that we are free to make our own decisions. I see that you are faithful to your convictions."

The next Duchess of the neighboring duchy of Thorem. She and Ian know each other from their childhood. A great similarity brings them together, along with a project of marriage of interests after the war. Ian's attitude towards her will trigger events that will change many lives, for better or for worse.


"People don't hire us to find lost kittens."

The head of the Black Foxes mercenary troop is a former war hero. Ian has read all the books about him and is honored to be sent to his camp. Skarsen will recognize his potential and will entrust him with more and more dangerous missions. They will be needed to reduce the threat from the neighboring county of Freymont.